Audiobook “Emma in the night”


Monika Oschek is currently working on her new german Audio Book “Emma in the night” by Wendy Walker which will be published in September 2017 by Argon Verlag (german title “Kalte Seele, dunkles Herz”).


One night, teenage sisters Cass and Emma disappear from their affluent, suburban home. Three years later, with just the clothes on her back and no evidence of where she’s been, Cass returns – without her sister. She talks of kidnapping and isolation, and a mysterious island where the two were held. But her story has holes – and it’s up to forensic psychologist Dr. Abby Winter to find the missing sister, Emma, and uncover what really happened in their tortured past. The truth will shock even Cass herself – a tale of fear, family and what it will take to survive her own past.